We do this work because it’s fun, and we do it because we believe that it matters.

It matters because we deeply believe that sport is one of the adhesives that helps hold society together.

Further, we believe that the AI Metaverse is going to play a role far larger than most think in the future of our global society.

Decisions made now and attitudes held now, at the beginning of this new human development, are going to make an enormous difference in time.

And not a lot of time.

The impact that the AI Metaverse has is already being felt, in the massive investments that are being made in its name and in the fevered efforts that every major social and commercial player is making to figure out what role they can play, and what place they will occupy as this all comes to pass.

No one can predict the full form that this will take. But we believe that we are on the verge of defining a New Society, inside of and massively affecting the one in which we we live today.

We are committed to making a difference in everything from the nature of competition to the nature of cooperation and the ways that we help each other, in a world that will have very different constraints than we can even imagine.

We love virtual games, and we love sports, but the path that we are on now leads to a place that is bigger than either.

It leads to another country, and we are its pioneers.

The Future is Now.