This is a very simple illustration of the fitness impact of Racket: Next, compared to the highest levels of professional play.

On the left below is Jon Levey, of Tennis.Com, a first-time Racket:Next player at the Tennis and Racquet Show in Orlando, Florida, USA, in January, 2020.

Jon is playing Racket: Next, and in virtual reality, for the first time, in his street clothes. He played for three minutes, until he decided to stop.

On the right is what has been referred to as an ‘epic” rally on the Women’s Tour, between three-time Major winner and former World No. 1 Angelique Kerber and two-time Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova. They played for less than 60 seconds.

The women’s rally was so unusual that the crowd began to applaud mid-way through it.

So, we are comparing one of the most unusually long and intense rallies at the top of world tennis with a guy trying Racket: Next for the first time, at a business conference.

Make your own conclusions about the exercise opportunity with Racket:Next.

So… turn your sound off… start both videos… and watch.

Jon will take a few seconds to orient himself.

When you’re done, just think for a minute about what you just saw: professional tennis in a stadium court… and Racket: Next in a conference room.

The future is here.

Now. Wow.

First-time Racket:Next Player

Five Grand Slam Wins Between Them.


Because the Swing Bio-Mechanics are so similar.

Because Racket:Next Develops so many of the Same Skills.

Because of the Unbelievable Racket:Next PHYSICS

Racket:Next IS a Gateway to and a Destination for Fitness for Millions.