Racket:Next has been on the market for over four years and has received almost universal, enthusiastic acclaim.

These are a few of the reviews this excellent game has received.

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The most common conclusion: THIS IS A SPORT.

Racket:Nx is a tennis-like game that puts you in an arena with glowing hexagons you need to hit with a crazy, kinetic, alternate gravity ball.

The other thing that was amazing was how natural it felt. As a player of squash (racquetball in the US), I was pretty much a natural at it straight away without having to change my ahem “technique” 😉
In other words, I can use it to practice without any worries 🙂

I have to say this is one of the best games VR has to offer RIGHT NOW, GET IT, it’s like 360 degree tennis with yourself…

RACKET:Nx shines… it’s a magnificent primer of what TRUE ESPORTS can do for you. True Esports is one without seating, where your arena is room scale and you sweat and grind for glory, PHYSICALLY. (On the one hand, being a fan of esports, I cringe the day MOBAs [Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games] die off… being replaced by VR competitive sports but boy am I glad VR took a healthy active turn for the better)
Racket NX feels bland at first and as though the racket, ball, and shiny glowy things are just for show and you keep hitting it like it’s a toy. Your shots are going wide, you’re wondering whether your controller is
♥♥♥♥ed or development was stupid. Then, you start noticing sounds coming from different locations and your headphones actually can produce surround quality effects. You realise the ball itself emits a sound and so do the wormholes to indicate where the ball is coming from. After you score some finished sets, you begin to realise you are actually getting better not through mental training but literally both mental and physical training. The ball no longer feels like a toy, it becomes heavy and every location it is in VR IS EXTREMELY VITAL INFORMATION.
Your shots start being accurate for once and you realize what happens when you hit the ball too early or too late because even that minute detail…MATTERS. Suddenly you got angry and saw a confident shot, you BLAM the ball in the best position and you realize the white smash speed trail that runs across the wall gaining you multiple hits. Before long, the smash starts becoming a spin. Yes…Racket NX turned Tennis, Table, Tennis, Squash and Badminton sideways and puked on all of them by giving players the ability to SPIN!!
Seeing a curving smashed ball clearing a score plate finishing a set? Priceless. What I’m trying to get at is the game’s ability to play with physical elements of your body, essentially ‘upgrading’ your character manually…through YOU, physically, like natural sports. You actually progress through the game by actually being better, physically, no need for ultimates, abilities or mana, your stamina IS YOUR MANA. The cream on top for an esport game? Multiplayer sets! where they essentially took the table tennis, squash doubles play and slam it in this high action impact sports but unlike any sport (since there is no dome arena except in cycling), you can ‘snooker’ your enemy by giving him a hard ball in the cleared section, which means you need to learn reverse racketing as well.
There are many things that you will learn to do while playing this game, and you will never stop learning based on the game’s ability to instill natural guides, that is your senses, into every playmaker move you make and that answers its replayability value. The game will make you learn more, it’s only natural and you will improve no matter how bad you are, that is another reason why I recommend this game as its progression is based on you and it will show you how naturally, you will know how you improve because the reward is instant the moment you feel the haptic feedback as the slow motion edge of your racket swings into vision and that aced smash ball zoning into that score plate breaking the glass of the dome, finishing the set.

It is a super charged bat and ball game that keeps you coming back for more . You are the bat… be the bat.

The long awaited sequel to 2006’s phenomenal ‘Wii Tennis’ is finally here and the game looks and feels like it’s straight out of a 90s sci-fi ‘cool-future-gaming’ scene.

My brother has horrendous internet, worse some days seemingly dependent upon the weather but this game is completely playable on the worst connections. Players take turns hitting the ball, and when it’s your turn the game is completely local so there’s no lag whether you’re hosting or not.

You can feel yourself increasing in skill pretty quickly as you learn how to add spins to the ball.

Fantastic game in every way if you like games that are fun, beautiful and hard to master.
Also excellent replayability unlike most VR games.

This game is visually stunning. I absolutely love the racquet itself.

This is like a true sport in VR, and with esport features coming I hope there will be plenty of players, and an active and competitive community. [Those “esports” features are now there.] I’d say most people who enjoy racket sports to some degree will enjoy this.
The physics are incredible, you have extreme control over the ball. You can swerve the ball and apply spin like in real life, so it feel very realistic and convincing. I love sport games, and this is like really long membership in a virtual sports club, and for only a small price I have all the facilities needed to practice and play other people at any time I want. I love playing sports and competition in real life, and this adds a very convenient extra option.

Fast paced, great music and sound effects, mechanics are spot on. Easy to learn, and addicting game play. Thumbs: UP!

Feels great slamming the ball.

This is what VR is all about, having fun with other humans via Internet, wanna see more of this!

Physics are superb. Graphics are great, haptic feedback is lifelike. Polished all around.

It has to be said right out of the gate. This is the best Virtual Reality Game that is out right now. It is competitive, online play is amazing and the game is such an enjoyable spin on racket sports.
The graphics are perfect, gameplay is smooth and presentation is slick.

It’s simple to pick up, but with a really deep mastery curve. It’s also a good aerobic upper-body workout.
You play in a 360-degree arena because a virtual ball can’t smack you in the face, and it’s super immersive to be surrounded like that.

The 3d sound is incredible, it’s something i have not experienced at this level of accuracy yet in VR.. it’s fascinating how well this works you can hear EXACTLY where the ball is coming from 360 degrees around you, it’s like you are truly there in that arena… this is a great challenge and a heck of a blast.. the amount of precise control you have over the ball is amazing, the graphics.. everything…

I think this one is an absolute masterpiece. If you like games that require sporty action, beautiful visuals, and well-designed audio then this is a great one. It’s like racquet ball, tennis and Tron all smashed together. FANTASTIC GAME. If the scale was 1-100 for game rating I would give it a 100.

If you could play racquetball during a rave inside a pinball machine in space, you’d have Racket Nx.
A few highlights:
– Great low impact workout. Once you get into a groove, it’s a great consistent cardio workout that actually gets your heart-rate up. (I highly recommend buying a ViveNChill fan for your HMD; it’s very effective at minimizing sweat build up by cooling your forehead.)
– LOVE the sound engineering. Music intensifies by responding to the player’s progress rather than just by rote. The team that put the music and sound effects together are auditory geniuses. It’s like the DJ just knows me… you know? And the voice talent is well suited to the game, not cheesy or overdone at all.
– The atmosphere is completely immersive. They struck an incredible balance between graphic realism and electro-fantasy that makes it more believable than some of the more cartoony games out there. They paid attention to little details like subtle animations in how the racket and ball are rendered.
– Great solution for room-scale play by limiting the play space to a large circle that encourages you to move actively, but within a tighter range. I’ve hit a few walls accidentally, but much less so than in some other games.
– Great progression of levels keep the game interesting and require building new skills.
Looking forward to seeing what these guys do next.

It is just stunning and huge fun. I just had to stop because I am exhausted and realise how much exercise I need.

The aesthetics of the game are perfect – quite Tron like without being too basic.

Wow, this is hands down the best sports related VR game. It feels like the first sport for virtual reality, as the gameplay has tons of depth and skill involved.
Multiplayer is amazing… getting a comeback from lots of points down feels great!

It is a work out for some muscle groups and can give you a sport-like adrenaline high.

Being a lover of Racquetball, I am loving this game! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a “Racquetball like” experience! It’s Racquetball with a video game twist!

This is what VR is about, new experiences with futuristic style.

You hit a ball against the wall. This can’t be fun, right? …. WROOONG!!
You give the ball extra spin / speed and it will slide on the wall for a few meters. The learning curve is there. You will find yourself hitting the ball with more precision and perfect direction on the wall.
The levels get more and more difficult and they look completely different each time.

As VR users know, most content right now relies on the “WOW!” factor to be appealing, and games that are still actually fun once the VR magic fades are few and far in between. Racket: Nx is one of the only VR games I played (my VR collection has ~40 games) that is genuinely fun.

IMO, this is largely due to the “power shot” mechanics. By hitting the ball hard, it is possible to hit many tiles in a line, while the direction of that line depends on the shot’s angle and spin. The concept is simple, but being able to hit hard while controlling both aim and spin requires a lot of practice. Very few VR games require any skill from the player, but this element of skill/mastery is what makes most games fun: sports, FPS, RTS, they all get more fun as you play and become better at them.

You actually want to spend a lot of time playing it and return to want to get better at it and play it more and more…it doesn’t get old after little bit like most current VR games…

Excellent racket game. Very good for those who have a small space … as you stand in a 360 arena hitting the ball at hexagonal blocks, and the player movement, other than the paddling, is just turning – you will learn to step over your VR cord pretty easily.

I play a lot of squash, so if the racket/ball physics are not right in a VR game I really notice it.
I do not know how they have managed this, but no matter how hard or how soft I hit the virtual ball, the physics are ON POINT – I never expected to see VR become this accurate so early in its development. It’s a fantastic achievement.

Graphics, performance, gameplay mechanics, variety – everything looks and feels perfect.
It is the sort of game that an old guy like me can get a good work-out. It sucks you in gently, and then hooks you – you don’t feel the burn until after you come out.

I was concerned how well my WMR [Windows Mixed Reality] controllers would track in a 360 fast-paced environment (I’m using the Samsung Odyssey). I’m SO glad I downloaded the demo. Works pretty much perfectly with WMR. I very rarely lose controller tracking (something like once every 5 games or so) and the weight of the controllers makes it really feel like you are holding a racquetball racket (I played lots in college). I decided to give multiplayer a go and had a really fun match with my new friend from Norway! Love how the other player’s avatar pulsates when the player talks.

One Word: Polished
It’s a simple concept, 360 degree sci-fi racquetball, but they make the environment so clean and good looking and give it such strong style, it’s fantastic.
The same attention to detail is, of course, carried over into the mechanics of the game, making the gameplay itself feel very tight and allowing lots of room for increasing your actual mastery of the game and the complexities added by the sci-fi environment.

This game gets you into an incredible state of flow. The controller feels so like a racket in your hands, and the game is challenging but fair.

It’s just so well made and so incredibly polished.

This game is amazing. The pictures and video don’t do it justice… The physics are on point, and the gameplay feels fun and rewarding.

I really didn’t think much of this game when I heard of it. Oh, a racquetball-type game? How fun can it really be? Tell that to my now completely destroyed but completely ripped right arm. I’m in constant battle between my screamingly aching arm muscles and my want to keep playing this game. The progression of fun goes like this. When you figure out the goal of the game, it’s mildly fun. Oh, I can curve the ball by putting a top/bottom spin on it? Cool. Oh what? If I hit it with enough power, the ball will ride along the walls, making it easier to hit targets? Awesome! OH @#%^!!! MULTIPLAYER?!!!!?

As someone who owns Holoball and Rec Room Paddleball I was wondering if I really need another racquet game. After playing this for a few minutes it became clear that yes, I do need another racquet game.
The level of polish in this game is stunning.

The speed and accuracy of the ball movement and the fast refresh rate on the environment makes you feel like you are really in a 3D room playing racquetball. The telepresence aspect of the game is amazing. I get VR sickness usually, there is none here.

Fun and responsive, this is one of the best action / sport VR games I have tried. I have only played single player thus far, but it is perfectly difficult and tracks well.

Where most of VR titles are “short but cool,” this game will give you as much as you put into it–just like any real-world sport.

I love the concept of VR racquet games and this is by far the best one I’ve played so far.

Solid Tron-like tennis/squash game. Has great graphics and top tier 3d spatial audio. Solid mechanics that are simple yet hard to master. Power shots and realistic spin gives this game a nice skill ceiling and the developers have stated they want it to be one of the first VR esports which honestly, provided they keep updating the game through early access, I could absolutely see this game being.

The physics in this game are ultra-realistic and the sound is exceptional.

A new VR sport is born.

A great game for all ages, my kids enjoy it too.

I really enjoy the paddle and ball physics.
Care has been taken here.
Great job!

At the time of writing there isn’t a single negative review of this game. That alone speaks volumes!
I concur with the rest, a really brilliant sports game that I can see myself playing for the long haul.

train a bit in solo mode b4 getting online, but omg it’s so cool, best sports game in VR right now hands down. Graphically stunning, gameplay challenging and tons of replay value.

As a tennis player, the feel of the racket and how the ball moves feel strangely perfect. I can definitely see a huge amount of room for mastering dexterity in the game.

Pretty great racket game. Big skill curve.

The attention to detail is fantastic. I could see this becoming a competitive sport.

Nothing like competing with a great player. Maybe promote a contest with some proper prizes. A perfect E-Sport game.

I find myself actually wanting to get better and better at it and so I’m practising a fair bit. Physics seem pretty spot on and graphics are really good.
I used to play a lot of tennis and got coaching over the years, I laughed out loud when I realised that when I used my 2 handed backhand with the controller like I would in tennis then the ball flew exactly where I wanted it.

Racket mechanics are good. Swing hard and plow several tiles at a time, or go for looser, more accurate swings.
At first it feels a little random but the more you practice, the better you will understand the rules, and the better your performance will become.
It’s not like a real life Squash physics simulation, so don’t expect that. On the other hand, power shots and the tractor beam is something you only get in VR.

You can feel yourself increasing in skill pretty quickly as you learn how to add spins to the ball.

This game is visually stunning. I absolutely love the racquet itself. The gameplay is enthusiastic, and conceptually simple, with enough challenge to remain entertaining. And on top of all that, the multiplayer is great.

Fantastic game in every way if you like games that are fun, beautiful and hard to master.
Also excellent replayability unlike most VR games.

Why can’t I hear the entire world applauding? Why hasn’t Kotaku [online game magazine] written an article raving on the craftsmanship, the excellent sound and the powerfully moving gameplay? Why hasn’t the entire gaming community stopped to take a breath and see this spectacular game creation?
This latest update is stupid good. I mean this was already a great game. I just spend 20 minutes on the update and every single second was a beautiful masterpiece. I just can’t get over how a great game was made exponentially better with the latest update.
Kudos to you guys. Kudos.
I’m so glad I was able to live long enough to experience this game in my life.

You guys have really hit the nail with this game. Can’t stop raving about it.
It’s a rare breed, and I think you guys have a once in a lifetime opportunity in front of you.
I just wanted to say, please don’t get complacent. Keep building on it, and make it dynamic enough to keep it fresh.
You guys will define a new category of gaming never before seen.

If this is any indication of what’s to come, we have an exciting future ahead. I grew up playing tennis, and I am blown away at the tennis / racket physics in the game every time I hit a shot. And yes, the sound is amazing. Put on some killer headphones, and turn it up!
Nice job Racket: Nx team!!!

Really strong tennis / racquetball mechanics in a well-crafted Tron-like environment. Multiplayer is particularly well done, and matches can be fairly sporty. The game feels right. A little spin at the correct time, and you deliver a power shot. Hard to get right, but nice points when you do. Awesome.
A shining example of what this new tech can deliver.

Must own
After showing VR to my family and friends for the first time, this was a hit and judged as the best game.
Crisp and clean physics, feels right.

Update: If you question it….it currently has 128 positive reviews to 0 (ZERO) negative reviews. Yes! It’s worth $20. 128/0 dude.

This is far and away the best multi-player game on VR right now. NOTHING COMPARES.

My pizza burned in the oven, because I forgot about it while playing this game…

This game nails the handling of the racket to the spot! While playing table tennis in VR is nice, this one really gives the feeling of playing tennis in a large arena and trying to beat the level is a really good workout. However the game reminds you of taking care of your surroundings not just for fun: You need a large play area and while playing you definitively forget where you are and where you stand so make sure you don’t smash your controller into your furniture.

VERY fun game! Everything about it is well done and multiplayer is a blast. Never thought I’d enjoy playing Racquetball with the yuppies at the YMCA but this version of Racquetball is definitely fun. The ability to hit curve shots, power shots, and do tricks in your living room is a win. I used to laugh when gamers would tell me they want to play “e sports”, but with a game like Racket: NX I am less prone to giggling. There is actual “sport” here. Very well done!

Best VR game. It’s like futuristic tennis mixed with squash. Really satisfying physics and clear graphics.

Absolutely Incredible game. This game nails everything.
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
Soundtrack 10/10
Mechanics 10/10
If u own a VR headset but not this game u should be ashamed. Go and buy it right now!

I’ve played a few different racket and ball-based games in VR, and this one clearly has more thought and refinement put into the design than the others.
All the active swinging makes use of 360 room scale, but you can stay centered in the room. The ball generally passes through where you’re standing in the center of the arena, and the intuitive “hold trigger to pull ball toward you” lets you fine tune the position to set it up for each strike. You never need to dive or chase.
The mechanic of plowing the walls, based on how hard you smash, is brilliant, since you can still clear targets without needing laser-perfect aim (but better aim is still rewarded), while being motivated to swing hard and get a good workout.
The aesthetics of visuals, sound, and music are beautiful. I sometimes find myself just standing and staring at the shading on the disk under my feet.

This game is fantastic! The physics and mechanics feel real. I played against a very experienced player online and he raked me SO hard, which shows that with enough skill you can really line up those shots in the way you intend to. The multiplayer is really fun and everyone is nice and chill. I play this game every day! 🙂 I’d love to see the custom mode soon as well as more customization, more music, more arenas, more content. But it’s already definitely worth the buy!

This game is amazing in every possible way, the developers have a great attention to details, every small thing is almost perfect!
I used to play Squash up until 2007 (then University consumed my time), and this game really brings back the muscle memory I’ve had back in the day! I’m able to hit the ball and aim it with great accuracy without actually looking at it … VR at its finest!
This is the first VR game I actually purchase (all the others I’ve tried were free games), the demo simply won me over.

I’ve had this since early beta. This game is fantastic. The newest update is a HUGE improvement. If you haven’t played it in a while you need to pick it up again. Everything is on point: The music, The graphics, The gameplay, The multiplayer. It’s hard, like all racket sports are. It’s easier to learn than tennis but it’s still hard. You will break a sweat.
It’s got that cyberpunk feel that I expect when I step in the sphere. I think this developer team is just getting warmed up. I can’t wait to see the next update. It just keeps getting better.

This game is just crazy amazing!!! You can tell how much time and detail the developers put into getting everything just right, from the super detailed physics to the sharp graphics and awesome techno soundtrack – everything just feels so good and makes me want to keep playing more, even after I’ve worked up a good sweat! You can feel the love the developers have for this game.
This latest update is definitely going to make this into a VR esports contender. Developers just need to focus now on pushing out some great advertising to get the excitement and hype pumped up about this incredible game again!!

To kick things off: Easily one of the best VR games I have played so far. If you want to try out a game that makes the most of what VR has to offer right now then go get it. Its presentation and responsiveness give it a place right next to the likes of Beat Saber and other high quality titles. The game is easy to learn but has enough mechanics to make later gameplay complex and demanding while not cluttering things too much. As such newcomers and veteran gamers should find the same level of enjoyment from this title.

The core premise is to use a bat to hit a ball into a dome around the player, striking tiles that are highlighted and making the ball pass over them until their heath is depleted. If you have ever played Breakout or Arkanoid the concept of the game should make sense to you right from the get-go. Racket: Nx introduces some interesting concepts by not having the actual game be a representation of blocks but to be a dome around the player. This allows the game to add what I would call a power slam. Hitting the ball at high force makes it stick to the wall for multiple tiles so you can combo hits together. Aim it right and hit a wall to make it ricochet into further tiles making you chain multiple hits together. Add in boost pads, a charged power slam and more mechanics down the line and you have yourself a very fun and satisfying game formula. On top of that you have leader boards you can try to best by since each level is timed and not random which add a lot of replayability to the game.
Talking about some other aspects: The game has a stunning soundtrack that perfectly fits the vibe of the cyber/future technology art style of Racket: Nx. Bundle that with the custom spatial audio setup this game boasts and you really feel like you are stepping into the game the moment you put on the headset. The visuals also fit the entire aesthetic making you feel rather immersed after a few rounds. From a user interface standpoint (which to me is rather important to get right in a VR title) it does everything flawlessly. Nothing felt unresponsive. Everything from hitting the ball to navigating menus is simple, snappy and uncomplicated. The game also has a multiplayer mode which is a lot of fun, where you and a friend get to alternate hitting the ball on a level that is procedurally expanded. There is also a PvP mode which I have yet to try out but judging from playing with friends I’d say that this mode runs just as well as that but brings in a new competitive aspect beside the leader boards! That brings me to the modes of the game: You have your normal Arcade and the Campaign. Arcade mode differs but having you run against your ever decreasing health while trying to rack up as high of a score as possible. Pretty neat and good if you know the mechanics and just want to jump in for a few quick games!
One of my worries going into Racket: Nx was that I would find myself playing the game for an hour and then dropping it as I had seen everything it has to offer. I was rather surprised with how many new gameplay elements were introduced as levels got more difficult. Normally, games introduce shorter time limits, less lives and other simple tweaks to the core gameplay but Racket: Nx keeps one-upping itself by adding completely new elements that make you have to reconsider your play-style and approach new levels with a strategy that you haven’t tried before. This is probably the most important thing in the long run since you want to get your money’s worth and that I can guarantee.
All in all, probably one of the best titles to make use of all that the current generation of VR has to offer.
I’m giving this one a 9/10 overall.

Racket:NX is one of the best games in VR right now and is a must buy for anyone who enjoys getting a good workout or even just relaxing in the “Zen” mode where you can enjoy the spot on Racquetball physics in a futuristic court in outer space. When you are ready to take it up a notch the game unfolds in a multitude of directions including multiplayer. There is absolutely no reason not to try out the demo and pick up this game… well worth the full cost and you can see the effort that this team has put into this hidden gem.
This game also works great in Windows Mixed Reality where I first purchased it last year. Also don’t be fooled by only a few hours of play time, in Racket: NX you are slamming the ball to rack up points and I am usually highly satisfied and ready to relax after about a 10 minute play session. It’s a game I play at least once per day as long as I’m not tired or stiff from previous days workouts. Also unlike many games that like to make you sit through various load screens and what not for a few minutes before you can actually get into a game… You can fire up Racket NX and be playing in a few seconds, while also queuing up for the possibility of a multiplayer match while you play solo. This is one of the top games in my library and I would say arguably the best and highest quality game in VR right now.
Edit… Just had a Multi-Player game and confirm it works excellent … experienced no lag whatsoever.

This game is so much fun. I searched for racquetball and I found this, I am not disappointed. Excellent physics, feels like playing racquetball without the running but you still get a heck of a workout.

One of the most visually impressive games on the market, easy to learn but hard to master. Extremely addicting 10/10 highly recommend.

This game is wonderful fun! Don’t let the simple concept or game mechanics fool you, there’s some lengthy fun to be had here. Racket NX oozes polish, particularly in their net code. Other developers, look closely, my brother has horrendous internet, worse some days seemingly dependent upon the weather but this game is completely playable on the worst connections. Players take turns hitting the ball, and when it’s your turn the game is completely local so there’s no lag whether you’re hosting or not. If you’re on the fence about which ball smacking arcade-like VR game to get, I thoroughly recommend this one!

This game is just plain fun. You jump right in and either play for stars in solo, go zen and just keep hitting targets, or COMPETE and get hella competitive!

I initially thought this might be a fun little time waster, but now I think this is going to get an old, fat guy into better shape.
I’ve always enjoyed tennis, both watching and playing on my Xbox, but was never able to play in real life because I’m fat and have
♥♥♥♥♥♥ knees and joints. I used to occasionally play racquetball at the gym, but worsening joints, arthritis, bad feet, etc., etc. had me stop that a while ago. I missed it.
So, imagine how happy I was to find that this game simulates the feel of racket sports without the jarring body motion of trying to run back and forth on a court, turning on a dime. You still get body motion since the ball and targets move all around you, but it’s contained within the couple yards of your play space so it’s never too far out of your reach.
I picked this up on a sale for $12, but I would be happy if I had paid the full $20, I think.
Since it is early access (as of the time of this writing), there are things that could be improved and added upon, but it’s pretty solid at the moment (full disclosure, I spent nearly all my time in “Zen Mode” with no timer, penalties, or anything else. Just targets and fun.)
A couple of things that *I* think could be improved:
Ball control seems a bit loose, but that could be my skill level and lack of stamina
I would love to see the ability to slow down the action in Zen mode. If I could open the pause menu and decrease the ball speed by 10%-50%, that would be great! It would allow for a much more “zen” experience for the old people who don’t move as fast as we used to (it would also make for an easy accessibility feature)
Give the user a glass dome and put the dome in some fantastic locations (under the ocean with fish and stuff, on an alien planet in town square, center court Wimbledon, etc.)
Add in a skills mode that forces the user to hit targets with only a forehand, or only a backhand, or only left-handed, etc. These modes could also be used as game modifiers in multiplayer and solo games by adding pickups that occasionally spawn around the arena (smaller targets so some skill is required to hit them)
All in all, I think this game will be a good step towards turning an old, fat guy into an old, less-fat guy because it’s fun, engaging, active, and has that all-important feel of “just one more level”. My hands, arms, and shoulders are a bit sore from my session last night, but I’m still looking forward to playing some more tonight!

When I tell people I have VR and they ask what I do I tell them I play racquetball in a space dome and it is awesome. Very immersive. Physics are fantastic. Lots of replay value. Cannot wait for the updates. 10/10 would recommend.

Man I love this game, amazing audio, amazing graphics, amazing gameplay and it needs a surprisingly little amount of space. Once you start this you’ll get addicted and never need to squash at the gym again! [We want these people too.] Best VR purchase thus far.

A very good game. The graphics are crisp and well designed, the audio is amazing. Multiplayer works really well. Noticing your skills increase is a joy. Make sure to be careful with your controllers and surroundings!

I thought that this game would be a little boring if I’m honest, but I love racket sports so thought I would download it despite what seems quite a steep price tag. 5 mins into my first game and I wasn’t sure about it. 10 mins in and I was enjoying it. 2 hrs later I realized I was hooked. This game takes skill, is incredibly addictive and its very well made and feels considering its early access. Its amazing fun and my favorite game on VR right now.

Super fun sports game. Looks very polished and the physics are spot-on.

I will come back to this review later, but I can say without a doubt that THIS IS WHY VR EXISTS! The game is incredibly fun, quite challenging (yet never feels unfair), and I keep coming back for more. Note, it can be a workout, so don’t expect to play this in 3 hour stints. [Important point… we are not replacing endless “esports” sessions for endless virtual tennis sessions] pop it on for 20-30 minutes every day after work, and get my heart rate going. Then I can settle back into Elite Dangerous or something a bit more mellow afterwards.
Any who – buy this game!

I wanted a game that wasn’t a wave based shooter. This game is a great demo in single player mode. Gets your heart rate going as you are swinging the racket! Multiplayer is a blast so far! Recommend if you are looking for something besides a shooting game!

So my listed play time is short for the full version but I played the demo for 20+ hours. This is an excellent game and one of the 5 games I come back to time and again. I put on a play list of music and I racket for 30-45 minutes. The game play is pure, the graphics are beautiful, there are now varied levels and more challenges. I’ve not tried the multiplayer yet but so far the closest thing I’ve come to a criticism is I feel like it is missing some killer music to put you into the zone. I just play my own music [inside the game]. Buy this game.

This game is insane! Tron meets Lawnmower Man!

VR Sport of the future right here. For Early Access it’s very polished and worth getting. Excited to play this for a long time! Great game.

I am writing this review because this game needs more love.
I tried quite a number of VR games, and most I just leave it aside after playing for an hour or so. This game is one of the games that makes me want to come back for more from time to time. This game also showcases how VR can enhance the gaming experience rather than just a novelty. If you are into sports, this game is a must for you. You will not regret getting it.

Been following this game since the demo was released and couldn’t wait to see what else was added. Been having an absolute blast so far even just only having played solo mode. Easily one of the best vr purchases I’ve made so far. Tracking is accurate, and my arm is dead from too many power shots. 10/10

This is one of those experiences where you feel one with the digital world it’s like the pong of VR, where can we go from here? I don’t know. I forgot to mention you should try playing the Tron legacy sound track in the background.

I enjoy this much more than I thought I would. It’s more challenging than I thought, but after a few attempts I was finding it more and more rewarding. One thing I like about Racket is the need for only one controller. I find it useful to keep my free hand on the cable behind me in order to keep my bearings.
Once you get down the basics, you’ll notice that you can apply a good amount of spin on the ball for some really cool curve shots or shots that travel along the walls hitting multiple tiles. There’s an announcer present to keep you informed and to compliment you on exceptional shots. 360 degree sound is your friend in this game. Listening can tell you which direction to go when you can’t see your target.
So I decided to go into multiplayer. That’s where the magic happens. SO fun! You’re competing against a real person who looks like a bot. Wave hello! You take turns hitting the same ball. It changes color when it’s your turn to hit it. It almost has a co-op sort of feel to it. I was only able to play one game, so please add to the player pool. 🙂
Be extra cautious of your boundaries. I had a couple of collisions and I play in a good size area.
Very polished, high tech racket sports game that rewards skillful play. Very fun multiplayer. A solid buy for anyone looking for a game to get their body moving.

Wow, so addictive, and great physics. Ball spin, speed, everything.
Looking forward to more modes, more specials, and more powers!!
Also, ow, my arm hurts.
(I’m an avid tennis and squash player, and this game is like having a futuristic squash court in your living room. Only better somehow.)

WOW, I LOVE THIS. Fantastic Graphics & Gameplay with a great price. Great for exercise and could be the next Big e-sport.
Very Squash-like and positional audio is awesome. Reminds me of a modern Arkanoid of old lol
You wouldn’t believe it’s on Early Access, One of the best EA games I’ve seen.

Extremely polished tennis-/squash-inspired game that not only nails the graphics but also the physics (in contrast to other games such as #SelfieTennis where the ball goes through the racket all the time). The game also has (equally nicely done) settings that can be used to really ramp up the graphics quality (AA and super sampling), even though it looks really good compared to some other games even at default settings. Highly recommended!

This is a very polished game. It is both fun, relaxing and tense at the same time depending on what kind of a game you want to play.
It has great graphics, game physics is awesome and music selection is perfect.
The unwind feature that allows you to untangle your headset is very well thought of. Actually, I am going to take it up a notch and say genius.

Turns out all I needed to get into sports was for it to be in space! This game has a really great level of polish and is incredibly enjoyable to play. Will absolutely be a game I will continue to enjoy as well showcase for my friends new to VR.

This is incredibly immersive – you REALLY feel like you’re in there, and the way the ball comes off the racket is very realistic (even with top/back/side spin). I get quite the workout out of this one – highly recommended!

This is one of the best “sports” games in VR, period. Tons of fun, huge amount of content, great price, great workout, FANTASTIC. Did I mention they even have an anti-cable-twisting feature BUILT INTO THE GAME?! Why doesn’t every game have this?!
+10000 for great game and anti-twist feature that every game should have, but only this one does.

This is better than any workout. always sweating like hell, destroying furniture and having a sore arm afterwards. has a really perfect feeling when you hit the ball, also with the spins.

Highly recommended, especially if you like racket sports (I used to be a badminton player). I’ve been playing Racket: NX since early-early access. The game has steadily improved and makes for a great VR workout. I could barely move my arms at first but after some quality training that’s now a thing of the past. As with other VR games you might not always find other online players to enjoy a multi-player game with but the arcade and solo modes give you plenty of other things to do.
Graphics are fantastic, physics are even better. Easy to lean, hard to master.

Love this game. I use it every morning as a light workout and work up a good sweat. It’s very challenging but the more you play the better you get. Really fine tuned.

Absolutely brilliant, I never feel compelled to write a review but this is awesome.
It’s like Wipeout meets virtual tennis! So addictive, easy to pick up and loads of fun..

Great workout game for those who enjoy Tennis.

Excellent game so far. Atmosphere is good, music is good, the feel of the ball is good. If this is an indicator of where the game is going, it may end up being one of the top games a VR set owner needs to get.
It may take a while to get good at it, but for the same kinds of reasons it takes a while to get good at actual racquetball. Game mechanics here seem to serve mainly to guide your natural hand-eye coordination, without ever really getting in the way.

This is E-Sport.
I mean it’s not pushing qwerty [keyboard] and spacebar on a fookin’ keyboard !
Let’s be honest : No way to call that “sport” even if there are plenty of nerds watching these matches in stadiums with player cards like it was soccer world cup.
Here, we have kind of virtual squash. This is the future.
Thanks developers for opening the window to real e-sport.
Power, Precision, Skill, Strategy, Reflex and Finesse.
Sweat, tears and blood, ha ha
Yes this is a real sport. 100x better than a ping pong VR.
…And don’t be afraid to try this game dudes. You can perfectly play inside 1.2×1.2m space
Fantastic action, excellent retro-future graphics from sci-fi movies, perfect sounds and music, we feel the power.

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