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Solo Mode: This Single Player review is brilliant. But he is out of date about one thing and wrong about another.

1. He is using an early demo version of the game, on a PC-tethered VR headset. That’s why he had to be VERY careful about his Play Space. The current version of Racket: Nx on the revolutionary, untethered Oculus Quest, has a Guardian Zone that protects the player from coming too close to ceilings, walls, or a living room lamp.

2. Fully athletic Racket: Nx play [which he is NOT doing here] is much more strenuous than any traditional racket sport, because the ball KEEPS COMING BACK and the player KEEPS HITTING. The Racket:Nx ball never goes out of bounds or over the fence or into the net. PLAY IS CONTINUOUS, literally.

Multiplayer Mode: this is a hilarious commentary on a pitched, intense Two Player match.

Notice how the ball changes color for each player, so it’s always clear whose turn it is. The newer version of Racket:Nx is even more exciting to play… and to watch.

It really IS this good.

This is about Building a Community…

…and making it work, not only as a place to PLAY…

…but a place to BE…

…a place to SHARE.

We chose Racket:Nx VERY carefully.

Why not a tennis [or other racquet sport] simulation?

And, finally… what other competitive game has a ZEN Mode?

Among the 20+ available levels [game sets], Racket: Nx has a Zen Mode. It’s kind of an ultimate “backboard” mode, because it can be played with no concern about scoring or time.

And when a session is over, the dome explodes in a cloud of lotus blossoms, with a Zen-inspired text inside.

Who thinks of doing this, and executes it so lovingly?

One Hamsa does, and this is one of the many reasons that we love this game.