We are creating a whole new world of sport. To do this properly, we must build on old things and create many new things.

Which means that there is plenty of room for confusion and misunderstanding.

In our old world, even the word “sport” itself has become confused and confusing.

We recently heard an “esport” player asked: “Is esports really sport?”

His response: “No… of course not… that’s why we call it esport!”

And he was completely sincere.

In a world like this, we need to make everything that we can as clear as we can, even if takes time and lots of words and images.

We have done this for “sport” HERE.

This is what we have begun to do for everything else on our SPREAD THE WORD page, which is posted on our Racket:Next website, because that’s where it all began.

If you want to be a part of this revolution… go there and DIG IN.

And to help others… SPREAD THE WORD.