Racket: Nx is perfect for competition, in Solo play, against the Leaderboard, or in Multiplayer mode, against any other player anywhere in the world.

This incredible game is totally easy to start playing, for everyone, and totally impossible to completely master, for anyone.

We have created this Competition Play Guide to ease your path to expert play.

Click this image for a Google Drive preview, then download it as a PDF file.

Racket: Next is an advanced virtual racquet sport platform, which is the very definition of non-violent, athletic electronic sport.

There are three broad modes of play, all of which are designed for competition: Arcade, Solo, and Multi-Player.

Solo and Multi-Player, however, are the modes on which we will build a new sport.

This guide describes each competition mode, and does so with the very images that are presented to the player inside the game… inside virtual reality.

They have in some cases been modified and consolidated for your convenience, but this is in general how the game is presented to any player.

This is not intended to be a strategy or coaching guide. Those will follow in due course.

However, the fundamental message of this guide is that this is an elemental, highly physics-consistent, skills-based game, that is easy to enter and impossible to completely master.

It is physically and intellectually demanding, and rewards talent and effort, as do all great racquet sports.

ACCESS THE GUIDE HERE, as a Google Drive preview, then you can download it as a PDF file.

And play your heart out!

Have FUN… And remember…

The SWING‘s the Thing!!!