Since the Spring of 2019, there has been only one high quality, low-cost VR headset available: the Oculus Quest 2. So we have featured that device and its predecessor – the Quest – on this site since the beginning,

Now, there is another worthy entry in this exclusive category: the Pico 4. Available today in the UK, Europe, and much of Asia, including China, it seems sure to enter the U.S. market before long.

So now we feature it as well.

Also, just as the Quest is allied with a huge social partner – Facebook – so is the Pico 4, with TikTok, as they are both owned by Chinese giant ByteDance.

The Technology Engine of our Fast Track Train


The Pico 4 is associated with one of the World’s Greatest Social Networks: TikTok.

Imagine the world’s greatest neighborhood sports complex…

That you can use… in your living room… alone:

Or with players from all over the world:

Or just from your neighborhood: