Please review ALL of this information before playing or demonstrating virtual sport on the Pico 4. Also read and consult the official Pico 4 User Manual, included with your device.

This is particularly important because virtual sport is highly vigorous and athletic, and can – and for competition must – be played inside RoomSpace: a two meter [about six feet] diameter circle:

It is also important for kids under 13 years. Play for them must be strictly limited to sport play, and managed and supervised by adults.

They must be specifically monitored in the following ways, to ensure that:

They are in a well-defined and safe play area, well away from furniture, traffic, small children and pets, and walls or drop-offs.

Their playing surface is free of obstacles or imperfections [like cords or gathered rugs or carpets or fluid] on which they may trip, slip, or become entangled.

They do not play more than 20-30 minutes at a time, which will be somewhat naturally limited by the exertion necessary to play.

They do not view virtual reality content other than the specified virtual sport game[s].

They wear their normal visual correction[s] if they use them, including their glasses.

Their motion controllers are securely tethered to their wrists.

They not play at all if they wear any corrective or therapeutic device that may hinder their balance or free movement.

The player’s comfort is regularly and consistently monitored, and that play is suspended or ended if any discomfort whatever results from play.

In a 2017 statement, the American Academy of Ophthalmology argued that “there is no reason to be concerned that VR headsets will damage eye development, health or function.” The organization also contends that while age limitations may make sense for content, the technology poses no known threat to eyes.

Have FUN… and BE SAFE!