The false starts and failures of Virtual Reality over many years  ended in the Spring of 2019, with the Oculus Quest, by Facebook.

This fact has now been punctuated with the announcement of the Oculus Quest 2, which is basically about twice as good for US$100 LESS money.

Who DOES this?

Facebook, because they want to and because they CAN.

We will allow and and support other headsets as we move forward, but this device will lead our efforts for the foreseeable future.

It will, first, because it is by far the best and most affordable VR headset on the market. Nothing else comes close, especially with games like Racket:Nx.

Even more important, the Oculus Quest is deeply embedded inside the world’s largest and most diverse social network: Facebook.

This is at the core of our strategy to make Virtual Sport “sticky,” to attract and to retain players, indefinitely. See the bottom of this page for more on this.

We call it QuestWorld

The Technology Engine of our Fast Track Train

The reviews below are for the original Oculus Quest. The Quest 2 is better… way better.

“I love this thing.”

“…this is the headset to pull in the masses.”

“Never before have I seen a single technology improve so quickly.”

“The Oculus Quest is an absolutely astonishing device… it inspires a sense of awe.”

“The Oculus Quest offers a magical experience right out of the box…”

“The revolution is FINALLY here.”

“The Ultimate VR Headset Is Here.”

“This Could Be The VR Headset For Everyone.”


The Quest is at the Heart of the World’s Greatest Social Network: Facebook.

Imagine the world’s greatest neighborhood sports complex…

That you can use… in your living room… alone:

Or with players from all over the world:

Or just from your neighborhood:

THE WHOLE POINT of Virtual Sport is to bring people together to PLAY REAL SPORT, and to keep them together, indefinitely.

Everything you want from sport will be available here, from matchmaking to coaching to training to all the safe social interaction you can stand.

And once you’re in QuestWorld™, you’re inside the Web, with everything you can dream of having and doing. Everything.

These screenshots were taken DIRECTLY from the Quest and Racket:Nx, and from Facebook. And the image capture and posting were done ENTIRELY INSIDE Racket:Nx and the Quest.

Facebook/Oculus Quest Integration

The Oculus Quest marks the first product to market that doesn’t feel like it has any real shortcomings and doesn’t hinder the experience in any meaningful way. Sure, the graphics could be better [but they don’t need to be for virtual sport], and the battery life could probably last a bit longer [you can more than double it for US$40]. Maybe you could even add some headphones to the experience instead of the built-in speakers [you can, there are TWO earphone plugs!].

But none of these points of improvement ever feel like they impede the experience. In fact, most of the time the device feels like pure magic, and evokes the sensation of wonder that many of us had the first time we experienced 3D gaming on a PlayStation or Nintendo 64 25 years ago.

With the most positive aspects of Facebook’s financial backing behind it and the drive to create an experience that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s clear that the Oculus Quest is the product VR has needed for years.