There is so much to learn about what we are doing.

This quick video briefing is designed to provide an idea of what we are doing, and why it is so important.

I will introduce each video, but, as you will see, they pretty much explain themselves, especially in context of the others.

We have produced every video here except the last one [“The Metaverse is NOT collapsing.”].

This is a one minute introduction to our prime VR game: Racket:Next.

Racket: Next is an advanced virtual racquet sport platform, which is the very definition of non-violent, athletic electronic sport.

There are three broad modes of play, all of which are designed for competition: Arcade, Solo, and Multi-Player.

Solo and Multi-Player, however, are the modes on which we will build a new sport.

This year, we were invited to participate at the World Virtual Games, which is a quadrennial event that takes place one year after each Olympic Games and includes those International Sport Federations that are not yet included in the Olympic Games.

It’s a VERY big event, with thousands of athletes and spectators. It is held all over the world, and for the second time was in the U.S. this year in July in Birmingham, Alabama.

This three minute video features a six foot tall German volleyball player, named Luisa, who had never played ANY racquet sport before. The voice you hear on the video is mine.

This three minute video describes the fundamental shift that is taking place in racquet sport and will take place in all sports that can function in the Metaverse.

The image below the video illustrates what we call the “Metaverse Membrane,” which describes the fact that many conventional sports will actually NOT function at all in the Metaverse.


There is a great deal of confusion in the terminology about “Sports.” We made this two minute video to clarify things.

We actually have a chance to participate in the Olympic Games, as soon as in Paris in 2024 as a demonstration sport.

We made this three and a half minute video to describe the dynamics that can take us there.

There is a lot of talk these days about the “Metaverse.” This longer video addresses that talk.

Much of that talk is skeptical, driven in large part by the troubles that the former Facebook – now named Meta – is going through, with declining values and major layoffs.

I have always disagreed with this skepticism.

This 16 and 1/2 minute video [it’s worth it], published by another producer this morning, describes what I feel: that the Metaverse is a real thing that is going to be HUGE in our lives before too long.

What’s important about this video is that it’s true, and more important, that this is finally being communicated so effectively.

Simply put, more people are GETTING IT.

We always have.